Mountain lion sighting in Boulder County

No photo. Too busy throwing rocks at a very close mountain lion.

Just saw my 10th lion sighting in 16 years. All of mine have been between the 2 mile marker and the 9 mile marker of Four Mile Canyon. 4 sightings have been on gold Run road. 5 were in the same year (2001) and 3 during the huge five foot snow storm a few years back. For Steve, this makes it 14, he once saw a mother mountain lion with three cubs. They stopped his car near our house. He also had one jump in front of him of the Boulder Creek Path at the mouth of Canyon.

Around 12:30 today we were headed out to do the Business Loop. We were talking rather loudly and laughing about something Steve had said. Well, if anyone knows me, I am rather loud sometimes. Around the 7 mile marker of Four Mile, I saw a large dog walking on the edge of the road and thought it was odd; no human with it. It's then, when I saw the huge tail, that I yelled "mountain lion!". We were about 25 feet from it and it only went another 20-25 feet farther away into the wooded area, and crouched down. Perhaps to hide from us? It was a very dark mt. lion. All of the others I've seen were very light in color.

We jumped off of the bikes, stunned, and walked to the far side of the road. Since we wanted to continue to ride, we felt maybe it would be best to throw some rocks in it's direction. We threw about 7 rocks and the last rock landed next to it. Only then did it jump up and move farther away. We couldn't tell where it was at this point so we threw a few more rocks into the woods, to give it a scare. And yes, we did yell out to try to scare it from humans.

We decided to ride for only a few more minutes because we wanted to get home and make sure our dogs were secure in their kennel run ( and our house).

Nice for an exciting ride and another sighting.