Funny thing Ethan Hawke said, and I agee

I've been a little under the weather the last few days so I'm parking it on the couch and watching TV. I know, could read books, do crosswords or something that others would find productive. Whatever. I'm watching TV. I'll do a crossword tomorrow.

So today I was watching The View. Not that I like the show that much, but maybe I can learn something about a bunch of women discussing lots of topics. Today Ethan Hawke was on. He's on an upcoming dark movie called "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. But that's not the thing he said that caught my ear.

He said that he's obsessed with what will be said in his obituary. He said it helps him define what he'll do in his life. A good way to make decisions. "How would it sound in my obituary?" What would you want in your obituary?

Well, I've never told very many people but I actually have thought about that through out my own life. There have been a lot of deaths in my own family so I have been able to take a peak into what may be said after you die.

Think about it. What do you really want others to think about you when you're gone? What's really important in life? Do you think a millionaire said ,"I'm so happy I have so much money and now cannot do anything I really want in life"? Do you think a person that works 100 hours per week lies on their deathbed and says, "I'm so glad I worked so much and never took time for others"? Or would you want people to say how selfish you were that you never helped anyone out in your life? Or didn't try to make decisions that would make the people or world around you a little better?

So maybe I'm not perfect, but at times I can be better than at other times. I can think more about the things that are really important in life. A phone call, a walk with a friend, a charity, or just a phone call to someone. Change and goodness comes from each of us,, not from how others want to change us. So, you know, maybe think about what you want people to think about when they're writing up your obituary. Perhaps the world could be a kinder nicer place.