Where does time go?

What a difference a year can make.
The weather is so different than last year. I think we had like 7 snow storms by this time last year. I should know. I had shovel duty. Although, I do remember for the big CX race, of 07, it was very warm. That was Kayla's first intro to what we call fun. Riding. And she's only about 4 months aways from running beside our bikes. So this year we took her to watch the local CX UCI event.

Not done much lately. Still a bit under the weather, so no rides and only tiny walks with the Girls.

You know your friends when they're the ones that head out for a hike with you, and all it turns out to be is this little walk to the edge of the trail.

The great ones start out running into the woods, only to look back, realize you're not yourself, and come back and hang by your side. Yup, just hanging. Because, just hanging is what life's all about, sometimes. Hanging next to a friend.