Lots' O Snow

Well, finally it's been dumping snow like a winter wonderland. I think it all looks like gum drops. Ready to fall off the trees and into my mouth.

Every ski area has lots of snow and that's a great thing. Even great for the x racers today, in Lyons.
Even the Girls had fun today.

Still no word on my good friend, Clay. There was one more big search before winter sets in. There will be more in the spring. My heart just really aches and it's hard to imagine what in the heck happened to him. Every day I think about him and remember his help with anything I needed him for.

Did a lot over the weekend on the business side of my life. Finished up ceus, sent in my license fees and registrations, bought many business related books from Amazon, and bunches of office stuff like that. Hate how working for yourself can have so much little annoying little detail stuff. Oh well, I like it just the same.

End of this week, I may be back into my own little world of fitness. Can't wait. So many new things to write about. So much catching up to do. Yikes, that's gonna be weird. But great!