Great Weekend and Great Ideas with USA Cycling

Some of the women that attended the Women's Leadership

My car pool partner, Kathie Reid-also a part time writer for Velo News.

This past weekend 30 + women met in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the
Olympic Training Center, (hosted by the USA Cycling Dept. ) for a weekend of learning, sharing, and brain storming.

We had such fabulous speakers - Lynda Ransdell, Kathy Beals, Lorrie Lee Lown, Kathy Zawadski, Cathy Sellers, Jim Miller and Suzie Riewald. They did a wonderful job and provided
all of us with some really good information.

The topics covered included the Female Athlete Triad, ex phys, pre and post natal concerns, eating disorders, and women's coaching and cycling programs. It was one of the best weekends I've had at these types of educational events.

The USAC is to be commended for their great support of this event. Sam Callan at
USAC has done a tremendous job at making this event happen. I had an especially good time listening to Jim Miller share great information about the women's endurance program at USAC. He had some great insight into women's racing and women's cycling programs.

We can all do more to get more women involved in the sport-and all sports for that matter.

I have to say, I've enjoyed helping out at the Performance Women's Mechanics Clinics, over the past several months.
And, don't forget to check out for more information on camps and clinics. We have a women's camp coming up in April. Lots of good riding, information on cycling, and good old fashioned fun.