Almost a month has passed and so much going on

Well, it's been too long and it seems the last month has just slipped away. That seems to happen when I'm busy with a lot of work and trying to cram in lots of riding.

I'm back on track with riding and had a great ride last Tuesday, logging a 31 mile ride with a 20.4 mile and hour average. That was solo and with a slight wind. it was also riding 4 days in a row with about 200 miles in those 4 days. Not too bad and I felt it was a ride with good rhythm. My power was consistent and I hit a few seconds at a max watt of 790. Could be a malfunction of recorded data, but whatever.

Thanks to Sasha, I've been able to keep the feet warm using this system: panty hose, toe warmers in the shoe, then the cycling shoe, tin foil on the toe area, and two sets of shoe covers. That's for when the temps are lower than 30. It works great!

W weeks ago was my Birthday and Steve and I went to the North American Handmade Bike Show. It was a great show. Much more cozy than the Vegas show. And ohhhhhh! the bikes.
All so beautiful and colorful. Toys to dream of.

I was on a panel talk on Sunday and we had a great turn out. Over 100 people. I talked on how to train for riding and how to get more out of your riding so that you can get faster and go longer.

We saw a lot of my old friends from the past. (I used to live there). One particular friend was Steve M. He was one of the first people to get me interested in riding and touring. I rode to Alaska from Florida with him in the late 1970s. We also got to visit with my old landlord, Jerry, and thanks to him, on this particular trip, we had a great place to stay.

We hung out in the Hawthorn District for most our free time, discovering coffee shops, French Crepes restaurants, and shops.

All in all it was a great Birthday and visit back to Portland. Now onto riding and getting ready for Spring.