I am a Polar Bear Plunger

Photo from 9 News TV.

A plunge for Alzheimer's. Did you know half of every single person over 85 has Alzheimer's? In 2050 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer's. It will cost 400 billion dollars in yearly medical cost. Yikes. Better do something now.

Today is the first day of the next new year. 2008. Somehow I really feel it is a new beginning. A new outlook. Yup, a new year. I had the best start to any new year, so far.

Steve and I went to the Boulder reservoir this morning. We went to take photos of my friend doing the "Polar Bear Plunge". Low and behold, when standing in line, I decided, why not. When would I ever do something like this? Why not break the mold? Why not break out of the normal box. (Thanks Clay). But I didn't plan for it, and in fact, I had many layers of winter clothing on. So, I went back to the parking lot, asked a bunch of people if they had extra shorts or anything else I could wear into the water. I saw a young women and man getting out of their car. The women didn't have any more clothing but the awesome dude, Justin from Brighton Colorado, said he had an extra pair of boxers that he was going to use for after the swim/plunge. He would give them to me, if I wanted them. He was so nice and he gave me his boxers and off I went to sign up. All for a good cause. Alzheimer's.

20 minutes later I was standing back in the swimming line with 500 + of my best New Year's Day buddies. And then out turn came. Off came all of the winter clothes. Down to the Victoria Secret bra and Justin's boxers. Oh yes. I kept my SmartWool socks on. Then, off we went, running into 39 degree reservoir water (of which a bulldozer chopped away a place in the ice for us to swim in) in a air temperature of 23 degrees, dunking my head under, and baptizing the great new year to come.

What a way to be spontaneous! Yup, crazy.... running into 39 degree water in 23 degree air in some unknown man's boxers. It made me feel so wonderful. Alive. Of sound mind (sort of) and I still have this stupid grin on my face.

To top off the great day, we all went walking with The Girls. Life cannot get much better than this.

Tomorrow I'll ride!