Last days of 2007

We have had 30 inches of snow this December and 45 inches last year. I think our totals, here at the house, are a little higher. Those are great totals. Not that I love shoveling all of the time, but it is so good for the ground, the plants, the grass, the streams and the front Range. It's also good for knocking off calories.

Yup. I've been eating my fair share of sweets. People think I have this great will power. Nope, I'll eat junk food, if it's in the house.

So now as the year ends, and I can workout again, I need to start stepping up to what I teach. Good eating, good fitness and good health.

I'm about to head out and take our Girls for a hike. Just an hour near the house but it's beautiful out with the snow on the ground and in the trees.

It's about 18 degrees so I'll have to suit the Girls up in two coats each and maybe even paw booties. Can't let them get too cold.

It's a good weekend to reflect on what is really important in life. It's been a good year of finding out more about myself. How I feel about life, fitness, friends, and family.

My greatest loss this year is the disappearance of my close friend, Clay. I know his own family and friends are feeling the loss more than ever. Clay touched my heart and mind in so many ways. Our conversations forced me to think out of my own little world. To get off my butt and do more things than I would had we not had the talks. Thank you Clay for continuing to push me to learn more and more.

I learned a lot about my health. Not only my own health but that of some very close friends. I learned that life is too short and that I/we should not forget to live for today. Tomorrow does not always come.

So remember that New Year's resolutions are good but reflection on what we can learn from the past, may be more eye-opening. Here's to more learning, more friendships, more love, and more knowledge.

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Happy New Year.