rode and snowed

The past week has been a buy one. With my vertigo gone, I was able to take long hikes with the Girls. Steve, the Girls, and I found a few more trails. A good thing as there is still a lot of grading going on around "our" trails. Don't think that will change , as the county, the fire department and land owners feel its' progress. Better to save the structures in case of fires.

Speaking of fires, someone has left cigarette butts on the trails, this past week. I think the landowner and dog shelter owners have been hiking the trails and it is not a good sign that the butts are left behind. First time in 18 years I've seen a cigarette butt on the trails near the house. Need to find out if it is the new land and home owner up near Sunshine. Can't have the woods on fire.

I logged a little over 200 miles this week. It shows. I'm dog tired. today's ride was a little over 50 and my quads screamed every little hill. Need a couple of days to recoup.

The views from the ride today. About 4 hours later, it snowed.

Two beds are better then one.