Pink Poodle Day

Nope, no photos of Boulder's famous pink poodle. Give me a break. Maybe some folks need to ride their bike more often, instead of telling others what they can and cannot do.

While the pink poodle was strutt'en her stuff around town, spreading the good word about breast cancer awareness, the Girls and I (and not pink hubby) went hiking in the woods at the hood (tan and not pink, but may like that coat color). The hike in the hood woods was awesome. Warm and sunny and green and tan and all the other cool colors of early spring.

L-Girl, aka Newbie, stayed close to us on the trail. She preferred not to get her feet dirty today, or maybe she was trying to tell us she wanted a new hair color. Gladly, I'd say. I don't like the taste of beets but I bet they make a great hair color.

Special-K, aka, Wiggins, had fun running all around (woops, another Boulder no no) and explored bunny hopeful holes and other critter hood hangouts. Never very far, just far enough away to avoid any flying pink beet juice. Of course, always close enough for a quick, studious, instantaneous recalls. She IS very good like that. I think she actually likes to stay just far enough off the trail to think she's more bold than L-Girl.

After the most awesome hike in the hooded woods, we were able to sneak in an hour ride. Well, an hour and 15. Just Long Neva, with a detour through North Boulder. A nice easy ride- wattage around 150.

After the most excellent warm and sunny quick ride-it was off to work. Life is good, Day Light Saving Time is here (or maybe un-here), and Spring is around the corner.