Almost May and the Fleche is only 2 weeks away

We are so lucky to live here!

Last Sunday Steve and I decided to ride up to Ward and ride some of the Ward 150 Loop. That event is the weekend after the Fleche and we will not have another chance to ride the route. Not really sure how many loops I'll be able to do but will plan for all three. 150 miles is a lot to do after doing 225 miles. Aaahhhh, whatever.

So, riding out of town I knew my legs felt good. A couple of riders caught onto our wheel and in true road riding etiquette, they stayed behind us instead of what some, not so cool, riders do. That is, they stayed behind us, not because they couldn't ride faster, but because it's not cool to ride around people and then ride the same pace. I hate that back and forth game, unless you are with friends and trying to out do each other. Anyway, I knew I felt good and it'd be a good riding day.

We turned onto Lefthand and up we went. The pace wasn't really super fast but a really comfortable high tempo pace. My HR stuck around 150 and occasionally popped to 160. That's moderately high for me as my HR tends to stay pretty low, even with a hard effort. Still, my legs felt awesome. Not like any effort. We also had a headwind. We took turns pulling and whenever the wind let up we rode side by side.

It was a great ride to Ward. I feared having to traverse at the very top because I have lower gearing but I stayed on Steve's wheel to the top. Once we got to the top, we put on more clothes and rode Peak To Peak to Raymond and down to Lyons. I got so cold I couldn't feel my hands.

The temp to Ward had been a very comfortable sunny 62/3 degrees but on the top (about 9,000 feet) it was only about 50 degrees. Too cold for the amount (or lack of) clothes I had on.
Once in Lyons it was warmer and more comfortable.

By the time we got back to Boulder, we were thoroughly trashed.