End of April and lots of work and riding.

Thank you BMA and all the folks that help making mountain bike trails.

First time on the new trail. Well, old trail just open to us.

My good friend Jenn does a great "move" climbing the stairs near Marshall Mesa.

After returning from Desert Camp, I jumped right back into work and getting ready for the upcoming Fleche, now only one week away.

I've been commuting as much as possible. It's a 30 min (all out time trial) to work and about a 50-60 minute ride back home. About 25 miles round trip. A very good workout, especially when I'm late heading to work. I call it my TT or interval training. It keeps me in really good shape.

I like commuting because it's my own little "green" part of life and I also like to save on gas-it's about 47 dollars to fill my take now. Steve has been commuting a lot, too. He gets better gas mileage in his little Honda. We only drive the 88 van on road trips when we can sleep/camp in it and cramming the recycling materials in it. Trying to not be one of the people who say they do all they can to help with Global Warming and then they drive big huge trucks to and from work. I guess you can't just sell one of those trucks right now so maybe it's the only way to get around. I feel guilty enough even owning the van but it is functional and there are a lot of things I can't cram into the wagon. It's pretty tight at times when two bikes are on it, two dogs are in it, and then all of the other stuff brought to town in order not to make more then one trip into town. I guess every little bit helps. So I'll keep trying o commute at least twice a week and not drive on days off.

Two weekends ago Steve and I rode to Boulder to meet up with Eugene for a mountain bike ride. Time to ride some trails we've not been on in a long time. It was also my second mt bike ride of the year. I already have about 2500 miles and all on the road. Time to ride the mt bike.

That Sunday we headed out to Marshall Mesa and a trail I think is called Sparrow, or Something. I can't remember the name. Also to go ride on a trail just opened to mountain bikers near Eldorado Springs. Absolutely awesome!

The open space and expansive views were incredible. We saw a lot of friends out riding and had nice chats about how great our lives are. We truly are very lucky. Lucky to have the places to ride, the views to look at and also the fitness to ride it all.

Showing Jenn how to make the moves up the stairs with out making it take too much energy.

The great single track riding near Boulder Colorado.