It's summer, sort of.

Well, it's June and I hardly ever write in the blog. At least it's been sooner than a month. Oh well, that means I have time to play and work. Just as busy as this little bird making a nest. Think they abandoned this one, though, because it's right near our front gate and very busy and noisy. Three other bird houses are full so there will be plenty of little birds flying about soon.

Rode my mt bike twice last weekend, about 3 1/2 hours each day. Dirt roads, double track, and some single track. I'm kind of slow on the really rocky descents. Haven't even tried any jumps or drops. Don't have my technical skills honed in right now but that'll come quickly.

When I think what I used to be able to ride (technical) I'm basically a wimp now. The races in Italy ( 24 Hours of Finale) were so technical and I loved them. The first year I went to race in Italy I was so scared on my first pre-rides of the race course that I wanted to walk everything. ON the second loop of the same course I was able to clear almost everything and by race day I could ride with the guys. What a long time ago that seems to be.

I've been riding up near Peak To Peak and there's still a lot of snow on the mountains. Reminds me of the first year I raced in Montezuma's Revenge. Steve and I would drive up to pre-ride the loops and have to walk about 30 % of the highest course area. Too funny. We thought the snow would never melt. Of course it did and then the next few seasons it was a drought summer. Glad it looks more normal this year.
I'd like to start taking the Girls up to the mountains to hike 13 and 14-neers. of course we'll hike Audubon. Lucie's favorite. One hike I'd love to do is to take the Girls over Arapahoe Peaks to Tabernash area, have someone pick us up, spend the night and hike back the next day.

We've also have about a day a week of misty cool weather. Reminds me of the summers 10 years ago. I like days like this because I tend to get more done around the house.

Getting ready to fix the leaky roof and fix the drywall that the leaky roof wrecked. Uuuhhhggg! Home-oweing is hard sometimes.

Also trying to figure out if we can get away for several days to go to another search for Clay. I'm actually not sure I can handle it. I've realized that I've been ignoring how much his disappearance has affected me.