The search for Clay Rubano is over

Thanks to so many people. To so many friends, family and just people that wanted to help. Thanks you for finding Clay.

I cannot seem to stop thinking about Clay. Could it be that I've not even started on my book. The book he said would help so many people? Could it be that we're in the middle of ripping our house apart and the last time we did that, he was here sleeping in all of the mess and helping us get through the chaos? Or is it that I just plain miss his laugh and funny ways?

Here is the latest news about Clay Rubano. He has been found but that doesn't mean it's any easier or that I have closure. I feel a little selfish that I feel this way and I know how hard this must be for Rachael and his family.

I know that if you take the time to read all of the blogs about him you will find out just how many people he shared his time and life with. I know I am so lucky to have known him and all of the people that knew him back. Aaahhhh, the pain it is to know someone so special is the pain to know that we may not have them forever.

Here is the update and you can read more at this web site.
"Spring search update 6/9/08
On June 8th, 2008 Clay Rubano was found in Sinks Canyon, outside of Lander, WY. A team of searchers discovered Clay approximately ¾ of a mile east of Sheep Bridge, which is on the Middle Fork trail of the Popo Agie River. Initial indications point to Clay falling from some height (perhaps 75 feet) north of the trail in this area. He was not on the trail. The area that Clay was found in was part of the search area that was drawn up last November. It was an area that had been searched with both people and dog teams. He was found in an area that was obscured from the air and required luck and persistence from ground searchers. The site had attracted two different dog teams last November but did not reveal any clues at the time.

The recent search event was comprised of volunteers from multiple states and agencies. The team that discovered Clay was made up of friends from Glacier National Park. Charlie Logan, the Incident Commander of this recent search, shared his appreciation of the search efforts that the Fremont County Search and Rescue team made last November. Without their thorough and well executed search efforts, Clay would likely not have been discovered so early in this recent search.

The Fremont Country Coroner’s Office is handling further investigation of the site where Clay was found. All requests for information should be directed to the Fremont County Coroner’s Office.