Congratulations to Larry: 1st Pl. finish at The Texas Time Trials 24 hour race

Larry in Utah at the Hoodoo 500, about one month before the Texas Time Trial races.

I'm so proud of Larry for his first place finish at the Texas time Trials. He did the 24 hour race and it was the longest he's ever raced before. About a month earlier, Larry helped crew for Leslie at the Hoodoo 500 race. He learned a lot about preparation and crewing. This allowed him to prepare for his own 24 hour race in Texas and to get his number one crew person, Lara, ready for the hard task of being his only support person.

His support person, also his wife, Lara, took time away from her busy schedule of teaching law and practicing Yoga and did a superb jog getting Larry to eat, ride, stay alert, and come in first with an whopping 345 miles in the 24 hour race. Actual miles were 360 in just about 25 hours. Not at all bad for his first 24 hour race. That gives him a 14.55 mph average.

Lara and Larry came to visit and ride with me last year. There's already talk of getting a permanent support van ready for more ultra distance goals next year.