Fall is here, house is almost done.

I found a couple of late raspberries on the bushes today and showed them to Kayla. Both Girls love the fruit on the yard. fro the last few weeks we've all been eating the plums. Kayla likes to find the plums that have fallen to the ground, most likely because they are more ripe. Lucie will wait for me to take a bite on one and then spit it out and feed it to her. yup, once a princess, always.....
We had excellent fruit this year. Raspberries, apples, tomatoes, and plums. Next year I'll try more vegetables. When we first moved in there were several areas of the yard that had moderately sized onions.

I still have my head and chest cold. It's actually become a little worse since Friday. I decided that riding up and down the hill would not be a wise thing and have only taken the Girls on easy hikes. Perhaps, even that, is too much. Not like the summer was free of any stress but the house is almost done. A lot of people seem to have this sniffle thing.

We'll work on painting today and get ready to move belongings back into the upstairs on Tuesday night. We won't know what to do with all of our free time when the house is done. Get back in shape, I keep saying. Commute more, long rides, and go look at the fall colors before the leaves drop to the ground.

There's still some areas of green aspens, so that gives me hope I won't miss all of the colorful areas. Can still take the Girls up to look for the changes to fall.

A favorite thing for the Girls to do is to hike up near Ward. I ride and keep a consistent pace going while they trot along with me. They can't run too far off of the trails and jeep trail and have to keep an eye out for which direction I go. Sounds boring but really is a lot of fun.

Maybe we'll still be able to get in a hike up in the hough country if the warmer weather holds.