House and fitness do not go together

Have to laugh. Someone ran into me yesterday and said I look really fit. HHHmmmmmm. No way, I say.

It's been a whole summer of fixing fixing and then more fixing. Not much riding, still getting the Girls out on hikes, and very little of anything but the house and work.

Foaming up the joint for winter warmth.

New drywall to replace the 60 year old stuff with water damage.

The house is looking really good but we're tired and only as fit as someone that's been picking up debris, wood, tiling materials, grout, and everything else that goes along with sprucing up a 140 year old house.

Finding all sorts of stuff like doors where walls should be. Locks and all.

Tile the kitchen to look all spiffy.

New floors, new roof, new drywall, new insulation, new tile and new heat. Should be awesome when it's done. Almost. Then, back on the bike and back into fitness mode.

I tell my clients there's no excuse for not staying in shape. Sure hope demo work and building counts.

Bests parts of summer were:
Lynnie Twinnie came to visit.

Went on some good long mountain hikes.