Summer of house fixing, Lynnie Twinnie and friends galore

Lynnie Twinnie and me.

Well, I'm finally not so busy I can actually see the end of the tunnel.
We've had great visits from friends and from Lynnie Twinnie, my twin sis.

We've also been fixing drywall, roof leaks, and more at the home pad. Lots still to do. Just had to get to it.

Not much riding these days. Maybe 1-2 x per week a commute to work and back and another mt bike ride somewhere in the week. Am very out of shape.

The summer has been a little hot the past week so it's been nice to be up here at 7,000 feet.

Yes, we have still been hiking the Girls. On one of our hikes a neighbor's Dalmation mix actually tried to attack Kayla Wiggins and then turned on Lucie the Newbie and she never saw it coming. People should have better behaved dogs and maybe take them to obedience classes for aggressive behavior.

I got the Newbie to our awesome vet within the hour (thanks Dr. Bob) and he got it all cleaned out and got her on antibiotics. That did the trick and now it'd be nice if the owner would pay the bill. Actually it'd be nice if they acted at all sorry. Oh well. Can't teach manners but I can avoid that dog in the future.

Maybe the Girls should be more like this sign???

So in a couple of weeks my work will close for renovations and I'll be forced to take vacation time. Not a bad thing. I can do some painting on the house, roof repairs and finally get in some consistent riding. Maybe even get in shape again.

Sorry it took a while to write in the blog. Will try to do better.