Picture Rock Trail Opens, Yahoo.

6 miles of brand spanky new single track. The Picture Rock Trail.

Had to "call in sick" today. The cold I have sunk nicely into my lungs and I'm feeling like crap. So I guess the ride on Sat. may have sunk me. Or not. hard to say.

So, I figured I'd do something productive. I'd meet up with Steve and head over to Lyons and be apart of the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Picture Rock Trail. Thaks to a ton of people, MIke, and the Parks and Open Space (sometimes called "closed space", we now have a connector mountain bike trail from Heil Ranch to hall. That means about and hour less of riding on paved road and a new single track trail to ride on. Yahoo!

There was a huge turn out. I mean tons of mountain bikers, runners, and equestrians. Well, and there were some protesters. No mud slinging just signs.

After all of the hoopla about why it took so long, what was involved and government stuff, off we all rode.

It was awesome single track. Lots of good rock placement , so riders won't ride too fast and a great mix of easy to moderate technical sections. The only thing I would thing that could be added is a few more pull outs, for slower riders or other to pass in different directions.

Felt pretty good but my lungs did feel the climb. Will have to take it pretty easy the next couple of days. Who knows, maybe even another day off.