Warning to those hiking and riding the Church trail

Warning: You are being videotaped if you pass this area.

Hey, just a heads up about the Church Trail. If you ride or hike it, know that you are being video taped by the owners of the Rescue Rehab Home kennel. You can't miss it. It's half way up (or down) after the very large house and around the corner is the rescue dog kennels. The dogs always bark so you'll know when you get close to it.

A mountain biker I ran into says he was bitten by one of the dogs, while they were out on the trails on the Church Trail (County public property) and he said the owner of the dogs denied it happened. The mt biker wouldn't give his name because he said it was a she said/he said event.

So, riders be very aware. Many dogs are OK with hikers but are afraid and may bike if startled by someone on a bike. The trails off of the main part of the Church Trail are privately owned, so ask for permission to ride or hike on them. Not all of the trails are owned by the kennel owners and all of the trails have been used by me and the other locals for many many years.

I have to add, I have seen the kennel owner on the trails with her dogs once. She hikes them early morning and a second time during the day. All but one of her dogs were courteous to my own dogs. She called that one back to her. Still, I wouldn't trust my dogs meeting up to all of her dogs and I hope not to be riding when I see her dogs on the trails.

Here's what their web site says:

"These lucky dogs, once deemed unadoptable or unable to live happy lives, now get to enjoy their days going on daily 2 hour hikes off leash, play time together all day, every day, holistc food and supplements and fun day trips for baths, car rides, and excitement".