Started running this week.

Hmmmm, does three entries in one day make up for the fact that I didn't write anything for a month?

I started running with the Girls. Usually, we hike for about an hour all over the trails near the house. But that has become slightly boring for the Girls. Probably not, but I wanted more than a hike and so I started running and they come by default-hanging out with me.

We can get in a good 3 mile run if we Loop around on some of the trails near the house.

We start up the Barn Trail. Then the Middle trail to the Red Shack Trail, head up The Narrows, around the top (past the kennel barking dogs), down the Church Trail to the Antler Trail, loop around to the Red Shack Trail again but double back to go down the Lower Trail and past the

fallen trees. There's another trail we lie to cut off on but I have to name it, so for now, No name Trail.

Then we head up the Gully Trail past the mine tailings, up the steep slope to the spring at the apple tree. Then back up the narrows, back up to the Upper Loop Trail, and past the kennels of the barking dogs, back down to Antler Trails, back to the Red Shack Trail, back to the barn trail, and down to the house.

Today I was pretty slow. Although todays hike had 1200 feet of elevation gain my pace was only 11.5 minute miles. My legs were pretty tired and I had to run walk a couple of the steep tailings sections.

I'll try to do the same run a few times a week to see if I can get my times better. Not easy to do, even on a good day, as I don't want to trip on a rock. I keep it posted if I can get much faster.