6 degrees but not separation

Yes, that is frost on my hair!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Man oh man. Women oh Women. Cold is putting it mildly! I had to doubel up my gloves and put in heaters to keep my hands warm today.

Got up late and started shoveling the driveway while Steve started breakfast. Good motivation to have someone making BF while you're burning off fuel.

Since that was my so called workout for the day, I decided to make each shovel stroke simulate a workout in the gym. Each time I pushed the shovel into the snow, I would bend as low as I could into a squat position. I'd make sure I was weighting my full feet in the boots. Especially placing my body weight on my heels. Then I'd hold the stance for a few seconds, lift the snow in the front of my body and they come up to a full stand. This would use core muscles and some front Deltoid muscles. Once standing, I would bend my knees very slightly, and I would twist with the snow in the shovel like a move I would do with a Medicine Ball to get my Obliques engaged. Instead of allowing the snow to slide off of my shovel I would bend my knees and as I came up into a stand, I would fling the snow up into the air.

After about 15-20 shovel strokes, I would switch hands/arms, thus getting both side of my body equally worked out. Have to say, it was a really interesting way to shovel the driveway.

After the shoveling Steve and I took the Girls for a hile. Had to keep them moving pretty fast as it was only 4 or so degrees by that time. K Girls doesn't notice the cold as much, or just plain ignores it. Newby L is a little more of a princess. Towards the end of the hike she kept lifting up her feet to have us wipe them off. All in all they had a blast running around and playing in the snow.

After the hike, did a little snow plowing (using the neighbors snow plow) and the driveway is all ready for the week ahead.

The rest of today has been spent playing on the computer. Stevie has been working on bikes. Mine, friends, and his own. A good day had by all and it's not over!