Hike, dogs, ride, and a Black Window Spider.

Had the best day!
I'm almost done transferring stuff form the old computer to the new. Just have photos left to do.

Got up today, knowing it was the last warm (50 degrees) day for at least a week. We hiked the dogs this morning and had a blast hiking all of the trails and then running into a neighbor and his dog, Riley. The best about thing about meeting them on the local trails was that Kayla really has a good time with Riley. Lucie, too, had a blast running all over the trails after him. Since another neighbor's dog bit Lucie and attacked Kayla, the two Girls have been a little shy of other dogs. But Riley , they love to play with.

So... today/Saturday's storm was coming in really fast. Good incentive to keep riding quickly. I decided to ride my Ventana hardtail turned commuter bike.

We didn't have a lot of time so we decided to do Long Neva. Good views, easy ride and just a little over an hour. It was nice to get a ride in while the temps were still in the high 40s and low 50s. Not like Sunday temps of single digits.

I saw my first Geese of the year. They were all huddled on one side of the lake. Maybe b/c the bird of prey we saw was on the other side of the lake. I think it may have been an Eagle. Looked too big to be a Hawk. I should know the difference, but hard to tell when it was all tucked up in the tree.

From the ride it was off to grocery shop and get last minute holiday gifts for the families.

As we were driving home we called our friend Eugene and asked if he wanted to get together for a bite to eat. Since his favorite place to eat if The Med, that's where we met up. Lucky for us we were seated in about 3 minutes and had a great festive snack.

Once back home, Steve worked on getting about 15 tree logs (8-10 feet long) into an area where we'll be able to take the chainsaw and cut them up for firewood. He also worked on some bikes (favorite past time). I covered the outdoor furniture, shoveled the walkways and car areas and moved cars to areas of the driveway where we'll be able to shovel the snow more easily tomorrow. Supposed to get 20 inches here by mid day.

We also found a Black Widow in one of our window sills. It was behind the storm window. We had to find a way to get it out of that area as it is right next to the couch and we don't want to have the little killer crawling around and waiting to bite an unsuspecting pet or worse, me or Steve. I've been bitten once by a Black Widow and it was one of the worst things. My whole leg swelled up and took forever to heal. IN the end we ended up killing her (sorry) but it was next to impossible to catch her with out having her run into a crack or come out to defend herself.

Lots to do tomorrow. What a very productive and entertaining day we all had.