Good workout this afternoon

No photos. Just a great day!

Had a great wt training workout today. Finally getting back into good sessions on the gym. Today, listened to great techno while doing chest, back, and arm exercises.

I did: 3 sets of each exercise but the reps varied from 10-15.

Chest: Flat Bench BB Presses, DB Incline Chest Press, Cable Seated Incline Chest Flys, and Standing Cable Flys.

Back: Seated Lat Pulldowns, Seated Machine Rows, Standing Single Arm Rows (while standing on two Dyno Discs), Rear Delt Flys, Pull Ups (wide and narrow grip), and Back Extensions.

Arms: Balance BB Curls (on the large Dyno Disc), DB Bicep Curls, Standing Cable Curls, Tricep V-Ropes and Tricep Extensions (on the cable maching).

Oh yeah, and several different kinds of crunches and PFLATS exercises.