Buff for all uses.

Went to Dr. Bob's to have some fun on his hiking trails. Sally out playing in the backcountry so we decided to keep Dr. Bob entertained.

Did a massive hike for the pooches. I think to our (only) 2.5 miles) Kayla ran about 8 miles.She disappeared a couple of times , much to my worrisome nature.

After the hike, we had Dr. Bob check out a mole on Lucie's belly. Should be nothing but now she's uncomfortable for any of us who know what it's like to go to the Dermatologist. So now we are trying to figure out ways to keep her from licking the little hole. The Buff idea didn't seem a very good option. Next, tried a t-shirt. She's embarrassed enough that there are no photos of her in Steve's t-shirt. Oh well, it's only foe a few days.

And... the Kayla Wiggins has a chipped molar. UUUHHHGGG! Off to the Dentist for her.

So, although it's tons of fun to have the Girls for all of the hikes, and cuddles and fun we have, it's hard when they are sick or have to make visits to the docs.

As for me, I'm good. Foot only hurts hiking in soft shoes, so I wear the hiking boots. All else is good and I'm looking froward to a good workout in the gym today.