Winter snow but fires flare.

My Ebay Winter gift from Steve arrived today.

If you're having trouble getting into workouts in the winter months, well, new clothes and a good gym membership can help. I like dressing for fun when going out to run with the Girls. Running, playing and hiking are good ways to keep your energy up and smile on your face during the winter cold months.

Quite honestly I'd probably be on my trainer more if I didn't have Steve and the Girls to hike with. When I raced I needed to be on my trainer or doing outdoor rides at this time of the year. Now, I stay in shape by cross training. My mind stays focused on getting fit but I don't get too caught up in only riding my bike.And, well, I really think my leg strength issues get addressed more if I cross train.

Last weekend while Catherine was training with a 50 pound bike, getting ready for Iditibike, I hiked a nd ran with the Girls. Steve tagged along with us, too.

Its load of fun getting the Girls to learn new tricks. They'll always work for food.
It's also pretty easy to dress for winter. Anything you wear for cycling during cold months works great for cross training outings.

Hard to think two days prior to the snow it was 45 degrees and no snow on the ground. Scary thing is, yesterday Boulder some of the worst fires (very close to town) seen in years. We need more snow in the Frontrange.