What a difference 24 hours makes

What a difference 24 hours can make.
Photo on the left is this morning with the Girls. Photo on the right is yesterday morning with the Girls. Where was this snow when the brave firemen needed it last week?

Rode 65 miles with Steve on Sunday. We rode a course backwards to meet up with our friends John and Catherine. They did an RMCC ride of 130 miles. They looked as fresh as Steve and I and we only did half of the ride. Still, it was are longest ride this year. We'll keep tacking on some miles each week.

We were very surprised to see as much snow as we got. The weather was called for snow in the mountains-they don't count us, at 7,000 feet, "the mountains". Yeah-we need it.

Also, gave me an opportunity to shovel which0yup, you guessed it, means a workout. Back, shoulders, pelvic floor, abs, and more.