1488M Still but the bike rode around to day on the car.

OK. No ride today. Just plain never got to it. Did however drive around with the bikes on top of the car. And...
We went to see Lucie's bio mom. Had a blast with her owner, her kids, her other RR, Kaju. All had a great time running around, goofing off, and having a great lunch. It will be sad when they move to Vermont.

Also worked on my talks for the upcoming RMCC meeting at the Denver REI.

Check it out:

Downtown REI - Wednesday, March 18, 6:30 pm

The Rocky Mountain Cycling Club will be hosting a Long Distance Cycling seminar. BEGINNING cyclists should attend to learn how to build base miles properly. INTERMEDIATE cyclists will learn how to make the jump from the typical 30-40 mile club rides to the RMCC gonzo distance (80-125 mile) rides.

In this seminar you'll learn about training, riding nutrition, and ride-day strategies for cycling events in the 100-125 mile range. For those who have completed a Century we will show how to enjoy and not just survive the ride. Many of our members ride one or two century rides each weekend in the middle of the season.

USA Cycling Expert-Level Coach Rick Russon will talk about the physiology of endurance cycling, and how to maximize your performance based on that knowledge.

USA Cycling Elite-Level Coach and Certified Personal Trainer Michelle Grainger will talk about motivation and cycling nutrition and how it can benefit your riding.

A panel of veteran endurance cyclists from the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club will also be on hand to answer your questions. (Catherine Shenk, John Lee Ellis, and others).

Other news from the club:

The RMCC ride program is great way to prepare for public rides like the Santa Fe Century, Elephant Rock, Triple Bypass, Ride the Rockies, Bike Tour of Colorado, and others.

This year RMCC is introducing two new challenge series. The first is the Colorado 1-2-3 which is three rides of 100K, 200K, 300K. And, we are introducing the Colorado Triple Crown which is three of the hardest 300K (186 mile) rides in the nation consisting of Denver-Aspen, The Grand Loop, and The Colorado Death Ride. The Grand Loop itself is 186 miles with over 15,000 feet of climbing.

The RMCC (club) is for riders of all levels. All riders had to start somewhere. This means with 10-15 mile rides. Once you've mastered more than just weekend riding, you can strat setting your goals for longer and longer events.

This is a club that has three Race Across America winners and other distinguished cyclists. No matter what your cycling goals are there is someone in RMCC who can help you achieve them.