1513M. Another 25 mile commuter.

Today was so messed up that have of the time I didn't know if I was coming or going.

Plan was to get up, eat and bike commute to work for the first half of the day. Then have a quick coffee with J and her far away friends. Then, ride home, quickie walk with The Girls and go back to town for a quick ride with another friend., Shannon. Go back inot work for a few hours and drive home.


Talked to Shannon and it just was not going to work out to ride. I had my road bike, she had her mountain bike, my time was to working with her time off so, once again-I didn't see her. Bummer.

Next, had a last minute cancelation call, that took longer than I thought and low and behold-not enough time to ride to work. more bummer. And late.

Called the client that I was late for. A-OK. He'd wait and could run overtime. Good. Still bummed about not riding down but did have the bike and bike bag with me.

Finished AM work and had a 20 minute coffee that took 2 hours. Way cool friends-J has. Started to talk myself out of riding. Then a light bulb went off..... ride home and ride back for PM clients. Yeah, not a bummer.

So rode home the hillier way over Sunshine and had a great ride. Home in 55 minutes.

Talk to the UPS man, got the Bloks and bars from Clif Bar for the RMCC talk next Wednesday night. Yeah. Talked to Rudy Project USA for a while. Thanks to Chris and Paul for their help!
Then talked to CAlfee and they said my KHS road frame was not as bad as we thought. Yeah Calfee and the ability to fix carbon fiber.

Next thing I know its' 4:10 and my next clietn calles and asks where I am-I'm at home. he thought our session was at 4, not 5. Yikes. I change back inot cycling clothes and rush to work. UUHG Another time trial to work. When will I ever just take my time to get to work?

So the day finishes up with an awesome salad with seaweed, letuce greens and reds, peppers, squid, tomatoes, and ridiccio. Yummy.

Not sure if I riding into work tomorrow-depends on the weather and road conditions. Mileage is creeping slowly upwards.