1800M-YTD. Photos from theRMCC Jamestown 200K.

The start of the RMCC Jamestown 200K Brevet. Yeah, we don't get up early too often...

Looks like they don't mind getting up early. Go Larry, John, and Dan.

Eating is a very important thing. When ya run out of your Clif Bloks and bars, you eat the food from the control points. Donuts (John), Poptarts (Steve), Cheetos (Michelle).

And remember to always give the locals hugs. Many hugs means they'll like us more. This is a Jamestown local.

More food at Sandy's. Yummy!

Sometimes the trains give you extra rest or unexpected delays.

All happy that we got John Lee back to the car around 4:00 so he could go to the airport on time.