1800M !!!!!!! Woooiee! Burning Man Tour.

The ride of "Burning Man" structures. 200K. A.K.A.- Jamestown Brevet.

Sunday we did a 200K Brevet with John Lee Ellis, Larry and Dan. (and, of course, Steve).
We started in Louisville and headed east and then back west to go up to Jamestown. We then headed north into a headwind. HHHmmm, thought it was supposed to be calm until afternoon. Then a SW wind.

Once riding out towards Masonville, we saw many people we know, also riding their bikes. Alicia, Becky, and Cheryl and their friends. . I'm sure John will think twice before doing a long ride with me-too many little stops for me. Stops are OK for real necessities, like peeing, eating, adjusting equipment, but......

Once we got around the north side of Masonville (a control point),we headed back South. Yikes! Massive headwind. It was crazy. How can we have so much wind?

We headed past Carter Lake, past, the Small, Large and Huge Box Loops, we rode along 65th for a while and headed East to Erie-another control point. We checked in and headed back into the wind going West and then South, again. On 101 road we then headed South and back into Lousiville.

200K. That is about 225.2 miles. Looking good for the rest of the RMCC sereies of Brevets.