2008M. Lama Loop Century. 5:33.

Up to 2000+ now. Great day for a ride. Started out from my house. Headed into Boulder. Dumped my extra, come off the mountain, clothes at Alicia's and we headed out.

We met a friend of hers on the road just out side of the city limits. Kevin. So we rode out to Carter Lake together. No wind yet. Mild temps and the perfect start to another day of riding.

Went around the back side and toward the RV park. Got more water and I mixed up an Endurox R4 and ate a Clif Nectar Bar.

Headed over , what Alicia calls, the Dam Road. Nice colors today. Next stop, Masonville. Once there I picked up a receipt and we headed around to the north and picked up a few extra miles.
After the extra loop, we headed back towards Carter Lake and up the hill, into the blowing wind. Not as bad as lately but still blowing.

Once leaving the Carter Lake area, we ran into Leo, of Greece. Told him to come along with us but I guess he thought we were going too far and he turned off before our intended turn.
We decided to head out east and pick up the sweet pavement of CR 21. Long rolling hills but so worth it with the smooth pavement.

Next was back to Longmont and HW66. Headed towards Hygiene and Alicia decided she'd had enough. She decided to head straight back and I decided to do the Small Box Loop. Back on 66 I felt a little light headed. Decided that stopping in Hygeine was the best thing to do. Good thing. I bought a Mountain Dew and had 50 cents left. The only ting I could find to eat for 50 cents was a Rice Crispie Treat. Yummy and just what I needed.

I pushed as hard as I could to get my mph avg up. Did a good job with that. Finished with a 5:33 century and only about 6 total hours.

Tomorrow, maybe another one. Meeting up with RMCC for a Populaire, lead by Catherine Shenk. It's 101K so we may add on extra.