2108m. Add another one to the books.

OK. We stayed out late last night-dinner at some friend's house. Drank some wine, called John Lee, said we were not getting up early that "just" doing the RMCC Populaire (101K0 would be enough, blah blah blah...
Met the group at the E Bld Rec Center and was amazed how many people showed up. I think they really wanted to ride with the ride leader, Catherine. I think there were at least 50 people. Crazy!

Out we all went, with our Control Cards in hand. And then the hammer fest began. What? I was hoping to ride easy today. As most know, being at the front of a bunch of riders, going hard, is the safest place to be. Looking back at it, now, I feel bad that I was actually sucked into riding that hard and crazy. NOT what this ride is about. It's about riding smoothly and consistently. Get the riders to know one another. You know-introdouce new riders to what the RMCC is all about. Well, once a racer-knock me on my head and tell me to stop.....

Out towards Lyons we all went. Crazy uphill riding. Fast and my legs were not so pleased with me. But off I went. Rode a lot with Wendy. She's crazy strong and there, too was Catherine. We all know how strong of a rider she is.
By the time we got to the first Control Point, Steve and I went to Catherine and told her we were not so comfortable riding so fast and that we would hang in the back. She agreed, Wendy agreed, John Lee agreed and Ric, too.

At the Control Point we met up with my client and friend, Leslie. She's doing RAW (Race Across The West) in June and using rides like this to get stronger. Go Leslie!

Fueled up in Lyons and then headed down 66 to go out towards Loveland. CP # 2.

Had fun talking and riding with new friends and old friends-not that they are "old"....

Ric and Wendy came down from Edwards to ride with us. They rock!
Lots of long pace lines. Yes, trying to stay far to the right. Gotta keep the traffic happy and the riders safe.
Lots' of great views. Man, it even got well into the 70s today. Lots of white legs out there.

Even passed many "Burning Mans" out there.

Rode to Loveland, got food, checked in and then headed back to Boulder and back to the EBRC.
Such a great group. Thaks to John and Catherine for pulling and leading the way with very safe wheels and a very smooth pace.
Got back to the EBRC at about 1:45. Handed in our CP cards and started to talk to everyone.
Decided we should get a snadwich over near Safeway. John,Catherine, Ric, Wendy, Steve, and I all had a great lunch.
I tried to talk everyone into going for another ride. You know-another centruy. No one was going for it.
Then I was actually able to talk Steve into it. You know why?
We were tired, we had stopped for about 2 hours to chat and eat (socail), and we didn't really "feel" like going back out. The perfect time to "make" yourself follow through. Go for it! Do it b/c it is not really what you feel like doing and when it's done it will REALLY be an accomplishment. So off we went. Back to the EBRC. Back on out bikes and headed out east.
Then back to Hygiene and back to HY66. Turned around and oh lordy, we hit a wall of wind. 20 miles in that wall. Crazy wind! Yucky in your face can't go very fast wind!
Steve took the lead for most of the way back. We really dug deep. Steve really dug deep.

We got back to the car with just 100.45 miles. Before the storms came in and finished at about 6:30. We had one stop in Gunnbarel to get drinks and a bathroom break. Man were we hosed! But, another centruy done.