Still 2108M. And the snow keesp coming down.

Well, we wished and wished and here it is. just after cutting down some more trees behind the house, yesterday. Steve sis that while I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Long day but worth it to have everything in order. So many miles last week and then a three day recovery and work, made for a pretty messy house.

Shovel shovel shovel, and watch news reports about the snow strorm. Guess no riding outside for me today. Does shoveling count?

Tried to get the neighbor's snow blower to work but, alas, by hand and labor it was. Steve rocked and did most of the driveway. I just did walkways dog -pee-paths and up to the neighbor's door. They're trying to make their way back from LA but may not get here today. Thought it would be nice to help out.Sucks to come home and be tired from travels and then have to shovel.

Some how I sprained my R wrist and it is not getting better. Maybe too much pedaling? Who knows, I fell on it running about a week ago and maybe that's the left over from trying to catch the fall.
More later if the power stays on.