Today's ride and yesterday's commute

Today our friends from Edwards came to the Frontrange to ride with us. They also brought along their little dogs, Merlin and Cannon (dale). After setting up the dogs in out house with our own two Girls, we headed to Boulder for a ride.

Steve had to work at 2:00 and we got a late start so we decided to do a quick 37 miles. As the wind was whipping at 50 mph it made for a pretty fun adventurous ride.

I've never been on a ride with Wendy and was quite pleased to see how well she handled her bike in this kind of wind. She quite a bit smaller than I and it was fun to see just how the 50 mph wind would affect her riding. She was a pro. No problem at all.

We chatted the whole way, when we could hear each other and it ended up a great day for the four of us. This all with a nice 75 degree temperature and with my hard commute form yesterday.

Yesterday I rode the Ventana hard tail-(aka retro commuter) with a huge pannier on it. Got to work under 30 minutes (avg hard pace) and got home, more surprisingly, in 47 minutes. And, no, I did not have a tail wind either directions. I was huffing and puffing pretty good both ways and figured it was a good LT workout day.

The sad news is my bike fell over and the top tube was majorly dented. Now I'm not sure what I'll ride on to get ready for the upcoming 200K. Wwaaahhh. Calfee? KHS? Have to find out who can fix it.

And... on the pet front... Nina does have Lymphoma. Not sure, yet, how advanced but will be talking to Dr. Bob soon as to what direction to go. Yes, life sometimes does have sad turns.