Fit Ball Hamstring Exercise

Here's a great workout for your Hamstring muscles. You don't even have to go to the gym for this one-although, because I do work in a gym, I think they're a good place to go for a good workout.

Take the ball and place it under your feet with your back on the floor.

Next, keep your knees straight, hands out to your sides, and lift your hips high into the air. Make sure you are contracting your Pelvic Floor muscles and abdominal muscles. Then, draw the ball back towards you, as far as you can.

Then, keeping your hips high in the air, roll the ball away from you back to the starting position.

When starting this exercise, you may not have enough core and leg strength to keep your hips high the entire movement. If this is the case, you can rest in between each one or rep.

If you want to make this a more advanced exercise, close your eyes, lift your hands and arms off of the floor and also you can do a single leg at a time.