2286YTD. And a Whole lotta snow

Oh the mountains in the Spring! Just beautiful!

The calm before the storm...... Rode outside with Steve on Friday. Wanted to see how the new shoes and cleats were on an outdoor ride. Good ride, although very windy. Then, this freaky quick storm blew through and we drenched the last 12 minutes of the ride. Uhg!

Here is comes...
And we woke up to this, this morning.

So pretty and makes me love where I live, even more.
Took the Girls out and we ran into Riley, on the way to the School House Trails. They adore Riley. He's only 18 months old and so goofy. He plays so well with them and seems to really be a gentle dog, even if he is a big boy.

We walked for about an hour or just over. It was fun to see the "kids" playing. Even Lucie seemed to like the fresh snow. She usually gets cold faster then Kayla does and asks to go home. Today they all played and ran around, under, and through the trees. Trees that were quite bent over from the weight of the snow.

Will get on the trainer and watch a Lost episode a little later. And I decided, that yes, trainer miles do count.