Great morning for a hike with Steve and the Girls.

Won't be riding these trails for a while as there is supposed to be a huge storm coming on Saturday.

We ran into a few of the otehr local pups and they all had a great time running around.

Nothing like being the first on on the trails.

So last night I was able to try out new cleats and shoes on the trainer. So far so good. Looking forward to trying the new set up on the bike outside. May be able to get a ride in mid day, tomorrow. Maybe 25-30 miles. Will have to see how much snow melts off of the roads.

Also trying out a new saddle by Fizik. The Rondine. All my bikes have Vetesse saddels on them right now. Have used that saddle for the last 8 years. I need to find somethingthat will stop my short's seam issue on the left sied. Alwasy had it and new shorts don't take care of the issue. Maybe a little wider saddle?

Will ride the trainer today with the Rondine and lift weight s after I see my gym clients.