2599YTD and a lot of hikes

The great thing, among many, about rain is that things get all green and perky. It must be the nitrogen in the rain.
Today's first hike with the Girls was awesome. Quite and calm after all of the rain yesterday.
Have the whole afternoon off from the gym so I think I'll go ride some more. I have to figure out why my ankle is hurting so much on the bike. Hurting so much it is hard to pedal at time.
I have a metal plate in the outside of my ankle from an accident years ago, that shattered that bone. It's not the first time it's felt this way. For the first 10 years after the accident and then the 7 hour surgery, I was in a lot of pain, most of the time. Then that went away.
I use orthodics and have a lift in that shoe but after one of my 200k rides, it started to hurt again. I got new shoes and cleats and which should have helped.
I think the shoes are just a little loose. That would cause me to torque my foot inward on every pedal stroke. Just enough times of that and well, that would do it.
So today I'll try to lift my foot up a little with the lift and also change the angle of my cleat. Hope it works as our stay at home riding vacation starts next Saturday.