2699YTD. Snow Snow Snow and Shoveling.

Was on my drive home on Friday when the storm hit. And did it hit! By 6 PM, when Steve was driving home, it was so bad, he had to leave his car down the road and walk home. Will have to skip the 200K tomorrow but try to get in a 100 on Sunday.

And before the storm....

Well, still don't have internet, so I'm at a friend's house using her internet. Lost power for 36 hours and had intermittent phone service. That's living in the mountains. Oh well.

Last week, got in a 30 mile ride after work and spun out the legs. I knew it was supposed to snow a lot by the end of the week so I knew I have to ride early in the week, outdoors. And, of course, get the Girls out as much as possible.

Here was my ride to work on Thursday. By Friday, it was much worse. And Saturday, well, that was a huge shovel day. Driveway, yard, walkways, etc...

The yard as the snow was coming down. Got a total of 3 feet by Saturday night.

The tree limb that missed my car, because I moved it to shovel around it. Lucky me.

Other people in the hood were not so lucky. NO one hurt but so many trees down all over the road and trails.

Finally got the Girls out on Sunday morning to snowshoe. They ran as much as possible for about 20 minutes. Running and jumping all over the place... until they realized it was much easier to walk behind me in my tracks.

The snow had this crazy blue tint to it. Like an iceberg.

The snow was supposed to stop by Saturday night. Made for a good Sunday but had to cancel the Stove Prairie 200K on Saturday.