3306M. Last One In The Rain.

Always practice safe helmet use!

So the last 100 of the 700 mile week was raining. No worries. I had knee warmers, leg warmers, arm warmers, a SmartWool undershirt, heavy booties, my Rainlegs, and a Gore rain jacket. Oh yeah, and the shower cap. All set for anything to happen.

Headed out of the PErformance parking lot and headed north to Lyons. Did the Fruit Loops and then headed for the Huge Box. Went north after the Huge Box and went to Berthoud on 287. Not bad as doing loops kept me from going into the wind all of the time.

It was pretty soggy out but not really all that bad. ABout 46 degrees and not that pelting rain that hurts your cheeks. Made for good Orgonian views. Like when I was training for RAAM in Portland. Had to ride in all types of weather there.

Just no views of the mountains today.

Headed back into Lyons after coming back from Berthoud and did a quick turn-a-round and headed back out to the Huge Box, came into Hygeine and then back out to do the Big Box. That would give me enough miles to come back into Boulder and have just 100 miles.

It was a hard day and it seemed my computer was stuck on 14.8 mph. That was in the wind and when I wasn't directly in the wind it was about 16.8. Not very fast. My legs were really done so even trying to staand was pretty much a wash. I'd make it about 25 yards and have to sit back down. Not to worry as I had expected this after doing 600 already.

The one time it actually cleared up I could make out some sort of mountains in the horizon.

Sunday was a day with Steve as it was our 17 th wedding anniversary. 20 years together. We went to the Walnut Cafe and got to hang with Danna. Thanks Dana for BF!

The rest of the day was goofing off and hiking with the girls. It snowed overnight and it was fun to get them out,a s they were only hiked minimally throughout the vacation week.

Will only do very easy and short rides this week and then do the 300K Brevet on Sunday with John, Steve, and Catherine.