3206YTD and a 150 miler.

I live in and near mountains because they make me alive!

Starting out form Boulder on the farmland flats towards HYW 34.

We started out early today. early for us is 8 AM. It seemed a ot colder than the 47 degrees the car thermometer read.
I was in a pretty crabby mode today, day 5 of the vacation. Had to keep telling Steve to motivate me today. My legs were quite tired from the week. By today we had about 26,000 feet of climbing in our legs. And.... it never really got warm. Seemed I didn't dress very well. Maybe b/c yesterday was 80 degrees.

Headed over to my favorite canyon-The Big Thompson. I love it. Easy climbing, shoulder for two, and a river to watch the whole way up.

We were really lucky as we had a slight tail wind up half of the climb. ALwasy a good thing!

Once me made the turn from Drake, we did have wind in our face. Very typical of this part of the canyon, only getting a bit stronger once you get to Estes Park.

In Estes Park, Steve booted one of my tired. I had the start of a slash in the sidewall. Bummer as the tire is only about 800 miles old. I didn't want a blowout on the descent down to Lyons. We also ate some food at one of the gas stations ans fueled up for the rest of the way.

We then did both Fruit Loops and the Big Box Loop to make sure we'd get enough iles for a century.
A few times eating Clif Bloks along the way.

After the Box Loops we headed back towards Boulder. Once there, I realized that I didn't want to do a 144 mile ride on the last day of vacation, Saturday. So...I talked Steve into doing a shorter loop on Neva Rd and get in another 25 miles.

We finished that lop and I thought it would be cool to do another 25 mile loop and get in a 150 mile ride for this day.

Although I was wasted (tired) I called out friend Eugene and asked him to keep me motivated on one more loop. He was all for it. We wer lucky as we had pretty good winds , mostly in our favor.

We finished up the riding and it was fun to say I did a 150 (actual 151 mile loop).
Only one more day left and the weekend forecast is for rain.