Snow and more snow and more snow.

Just heard the ski areas are going to extend their ski seasons. Guess it's snowing everywhere in the state.

Finished work at about 2:00. Decided getting the Girls out was a good idea. They were beginning to be a little over rambunctious. So we head out. Not bad a little overcast. Still, I decided I could get to town and ride an hour or just over. New shoes. Old shoes made their last ride on the 210K. Cleats, too.

Princess Lucie decided it wasn't going to be a good time.

Of course, Special K thought-"whatever".

We get just to the flat part of the hike and we can't even see 100 feet in front of us. It was incredible.

I think we got 5 inches in a couple of hours.
Guess it's the trainer for me.