3552M. Great 300K on Sunday.

The start of our Black Forest 300K Brevet.

It was a great cool, but not cold start to the 300K on Sunday.
I had only seen some of the course when I used to do the Elephant Rock event. I'd forgotten how beautiful the area south of Denver was.

The start was a little drizzly but not bad. I dressed in Gore Windstopper leg warmers, a Smartwool top and my KHS jersey, arm warmers, two pairs of shorts, my awesome new O2 rain jacket, booties, and a rain shower cap. Kept those on the whole day.

We rode through the rolling hills of the western hills of Castle Rock and then over to Elbert County.

One of the hills we rode up near Roller Coaster Road was an 18% grade, at the very top. Crazy!

Finally the sky cleared for a while.

We saw cool things like old barns that time had left behind.

The Black Forest Store is somewhere you really want to stop into for a bite to eat or a quick soda. very friendly people there and we reallay want the store to do well.

We finished in 13 hours. I think we'll be a bit faster in the future, once we get the hang of the controls. 11 hours and 15 ride time.

This weekend we do the Fleche. 5 of us and it will be about 435-40 miles, in 24 hours. Not a lot of miles for the time but there are rules about when to start and stop, how long to stay at the controls, and things like that. Here's to another long ride weekend and good weather.