3577M and the Fleche is ON!

Packed and ready for the Fleche.

What: two pair of leg warmers (supposed to rain), one Gore arm warmers, shoes, short booties, regular booties, Rainlegs, reflective triangle, reflective vest (it is Graduations weekend), three rear lights, two front lights and a helmet light, all CatEye, Rudy Project helmet, rain shower cap, lightweight yellow )2 Jacket, Illuminite vest and wind jacket, lightweight but plastic rain jacket from France, two Buffs, short gloves, liners, over-mits wool, and over-mits rain proof, two pair of Rudy Project glasses, and two leg reflective bands, rear trunk on bike, small triangle bag for frame (really small), and tires changed to Conti 4000 with reflective side walls.

There will be some Cliff food brought along and drink mixes.

Will go with two pairs of shorts light weight and the KHS shorts on top. Smartwool undershirt and a jersey on top.

Leave at 8 AM and it is to be 50 all day and "drizzle".

Off to work now.