I"mmmmmmm Baaaaack.

OK. I'm back. Sorry it's been a long while. Just did not feel like writing about how my back is not better and neck is out of whack, etc..blah blah blah... You've heard it all. And quite honestly, everyone has a pain or two or three, and who wants to keep hearing about mine?

I have been riding this summer, in spite of the truck accident. It has not been easy. I know people think I'm OK because I have been riding, but I have had to cut the rides back from every day, commuting and super long distances, to short and moderate distance and about 3 x per week. I've only commuted once since getting hit.

The gym workouts are pretty much nil. As a coach and trainer, I know that it's important to get the muscles built back up for a good strong skeletal foundation. It's everything I can do, just to do the rehab and PT exercises. The other stuff gets my back and hip into a mess and then I have to start over. The other stuff just throws my back and hips into spasms. Not good. Moderation is the key here. So not me!

I'm not complaining ( I know I sound like it) as I know I could easily have had a crushed leg or broken pelvis. Those injuries would have me out of work, into a no training pattern and, well, in a very depressed state of mind.

What I can do is continue to get better and move forward. I just can't sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself. That does no one any good. I can be sore on the couch or sore off the couch- a no brainer.

Now for the fun news

The plans to visit my birth place and family, in Australia, are set. Leaving late October. We have the plane tickets, the itinerary and the dog sitter/friends all set up. It will be incredible for Steve to meet more of my family and for him to see where I "came from". Fun fun fun.

Due to the truck accident, length and cost of the Fall trip, we have stayed close to home all year. Doing a lot of road riding (cannot mt bike very much or long, due to the accident) and some very short and easy mt bike rides.

The hikes with the Girls have progressed to about 45 minutes. The Girls don't mind the distance or the amount of time, as long as they get in a hike with the "parents" at least once a day.

Steve and I were able to manage getting out riding the 200, 300, 400 and 600K this summer. See http://www.rmccrides.com/brevetsuperrandonneur.htm. This was a feat that we thought would not be accomplished because of the accident. I'd have to say they were awesome events. We are looking forward to doing more of these rides. We were planning to do the Last Chance 1200K but had to cancel and get our refund. Just can't do that much this year. Next year it will be on out list.

The rest of out time the last few months have been visiting with friends, entertaining visiting family, and odd jobs around the house. (I broke our dryer-woops).

Next week my gym is closed for three days and I think I'll do some easy long rides and hikes with the Girls.

Thanks for checking in and again, I am sorry I have been so bad at making entries.