More Hikes Than Rides.

We do live in an amazing place. I never tire of looking at the mountains or living in them.

I have been hiking more consistently then I have been riding. Seems the riding makes me more tired and the Girls still need a hike/walk every day, so that's what comes first. If they're happy, I'm happy.

Not to say I haven't done a crap load of miles (even with the truck accident), but it is not the normal ride every day that I'm used to. And I've only bike commuted once since the accident. I still get very tired and it just seems like a long way home when I'm really tired.

The pile of insurance papers and EOBs just keep getting higher and higher on my desk. Once I found out the hospital sends bills to the car insurance AND my health insurance-meaning getting paid by both, I lost all of my steam to stay on top of it. I mean, really! They get a check from both places and will only return one of the payments when asked for it. The system in our country really sucks. So there the pile grows. On my desk. Maybe I'll go through it this weekend.

I have been able to get in a few centuries each month and am keeping up with the 200K each month. Shooting for the R-12 Award. Have to do and finish a 200K Permanent each month through March of 010. It's doable.

My back seems to be a little better. The neck is still pretty locked up. Each day I wake up and it feels like I slept on it wrong and it is hard to turn it from side to side. Good news is, when the neck is locked up, the lower back is better. Then visa-versa. Not that is really is a good thing. A good thing would be to not have had this happen. Oh well.... life does go on.

With less riding, that means more time to socialize. My twinnie sis does so much of this and I am usually envious. But, man, does it take a lot of energy. I love all of my friends and wish I had time for more social events but I do all I can do and that makes me tired. I hope everyone understands.

I'm very close to getting the IPhone. Just don't know if I'll use all of the cool functions and features. Also, those "data" plans, voice plans, and texting seem, well, expensive. Have to do something, though. I'm starting to blow through my minutes and that gets very expensive.

I started ligting in the gym. Very light but it's something. Today I did bi, shoulders, upper back (trap) and some rows. I'm trying to build up a little muscle in hopes that ti will make my back and neck feel better. Nothing hard, just something to start the base phase. We'll see how it progresses.

The weekend looks good for one long ride, some insurance stuff, and a few hikes with the Girls. I'll also post more photos. Tried to do more tonight but they won't upload from the desk top. Have to find out why.