Smog Smog Go Away.

I know. Can be much worse. I could live in Cali where the fires are really bad. But I don't, I live here on the Front Range.

Was going to ride with Steve today on the mountain bikes. Worked in the gym this AM, did the dog beds at the Laundromat in town, and then was on my way home to ride. But... Steve put the kibosh on the ride. He said the smog/haze from the California fires was just too bad. Would not be good for my Asthma. He's right. Plans changed and now I'm trying to get computer and house work done before I go back to town for PT and then the afternoon shift at work.

Good news is, my back has been doing much better this week. Neck is a little tweaked but the low back and hips seem to be holding this week and that's a great thing and gives hope that I am getting better.

Unfortunately, my wrist is much worse. I started doing more things with my clients, in the gym, and it has tweaked my sprained wrist. Also, using the stick shift in my car, carrying the laundry and the grocery bags makes it tweak out. I may get a small brace to help keep it straight.

I have started lifting in the gym. All very light. Need to build up the ligaments and tendons first, then can start on the muscles. It has been a long summer-and yes, I know it could be a lot worse..