Meet The Locals of Paint Gun Park.

The title is going to be very obvious when I can post a photo...

Did two mountain bike rides today. It was a little hard but it felt so great to ride the mountain bike. I realize that I need to get on the mountain bike more, now that I'm healing better. I miss it and it is such good core work and glut strengthening. Oh and I really love the views.

I'm still having trouble getting photos to upload on this blog but will get it worked out soon.

So the two rides were the same only the ride Saturday was in a clockwise direction and yesterday, S and I rode from our house up to Gold Hill, up the dirt road to Peak 2 Peak and then south to the Glacier Lake turn off and rode the Switzerland Trail backwards. It's a great way to get in some good climbing. I think I'll start to climb more for the rest of the summer.

Firday we both have the day off and will do the Glenhaven Gallevant. SHold be a nice day for it and we should be able to leave early enough to avoid Labor Day Traffic.

Well, I'll try to get more pics up soon.