Happy days at work today. Oh it's good to be back!
Ok, so I'm not riding but I can think about the days when Steve and I rode like crazy fools in the rain-and didn't care because we had our shower caps to keep our heads dry.

I am, however, on the indoor trainer bike for 10-20 minute a day. Not a 200K but it's a start and a start is all you need to move forward. Remember that! Movement, move, forward. It is what makes me happy.

Steve will continue on to ride the rest of the summer. He's aiming at the 1,000Km Brevet. It will place him 2 weeks sooner on the pre-qual list for PBP. Bt we have a pact. We will ge to and finish PBP together. 

Thank you Steve for loving what I love, and loving me! You're the best! I wish you luck with the redt of this summer's rides.

I will be rehabbing the accident injuries. One at a time and will make a come back. Done it before and will do it again.

So! off your butt people and ride, run, climb, move!